Top Tips for Greater Wellbeing

Getting outside amongst trees and plants is great for our mental and physical wellbeing and looking after ourselves and each other is good for business.

Studies have found that it reduces stress, alleviates symptoms of depression, and even promotes attention and working memory. Several days exposed to nature can also increase creativity by 50%. Maybe getting back to the basics and out in nature is just what we need to counterbalance our busy lives.

Here’s a few tips to help get you started:

  1. Bring the outdoors in
    Plants don’t only look great in your office space but will also get you and your colleagues exposed to greenery even when you’re inside. While you’re at it, get some indoor plants for your home. They even make a great gift!
  2. Combine your exercise with the outdoors
    When going for walks, a run or riding your bike, choose areas that include parks or roads with plenty of trees. If you’re exercising inside, make sure you can have visibility of the outdoors. It all counts!
  3. Take life outside
    Invite your friends and family to an outdoor venue for your next catch up or party. Play with your kids outdoors, in your garden, at a playground or a park where you can explore. Plant a garden at home, be amongst nature by taking current activities outside – have your cup of tea, read the paper or a good book in the garden.
  4. Try walking meetings
    Get your team and colleagues outside for some fresh air and time with nature. You’ll combine productivity with wellbeing – everyone wins!
  5. Take a trip
    Take a day trip to one of Melbourne’s beautiful gardens, parks or coastal regions. Make a weekend of it or take a holiday somewhere you can really get outside and enjoy the trees and what nature has to offer.

Life is busy, with one day rolling into the next rather quickly, and before you know it weeks and then months have gone by. Take back control of your life by planning to be amongst trees daily or every other day. Disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. It won’t be long before you feel the mental, physical and social benefits. Make it work for you.


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