Policies and Procedures

It is critical that your people feel safe and supported in the workplace. As a business owner or manager, you need to be confident that expected standards of behaviour are clearly communicated, and that guidelines are in place to uphold these across the workplace. Without robust policies and procedures, you could expose the business to claims of harassment, bullying or discrimination.

Our Solutions

Empowered HR can help you uphold the highest standards of conduct by:

  • Developing and implementing workplace policies and procedures that are consistent with current legislative requirements and your workplace practices, values and culture, including:
    • Discrimination, bullying and harassment
    • Leave management
    • Working from home
  • Developing an employee benefits and incentives program to drive productivity and profitability

Management Training

It is important to ensure your managers understand these policies, know how to effectively communicate the details to their team, and are competent applying them with equity across the workplace. Our specialist workshops offer practical advice for managers to implement them effectively.