People Strategy

Talented and committed people form the foundation on which your business can flourish. A strong people strategy is pivotal for the growth of your business. When applied consistently, it has a significant impact on the performance of both your people and business.

When to Develop or Refresh your People Strategy

A robust people strategy will set your business up for success and take your people from good to great. It can assist if you are:
  • Finding it difficult to attract or retain team members who fit your business values and culture
  • Facing challenges performance managing staff
  • Unsure of how best to reward key team members

The Benefits of Strong Recruitment and Onboarding Programs

Sound recruitment practices and a structured onboarding program will help you:
  • Recruit people who share your company values
  • Ensure new staff have the necessary skills to support your current needs and future business growth

Our People Strategy Solutions

Empowered HR can support your business with:
  • Developing and implementing recruitment guidelines
  • Producing interview guides
  • Writing position descriptions aligned to key business outcomes
  • Creating onboarding programs
  • Developing company values
  • Implementing performance management and improvement initiatives
  • Undertaking performance appraisals
  • Designing reward and recognition programs

Dedicated Training for Line Managers

By investing in training for your line managers, you will develop their skills in interviewing, undertaking effective performance management discussions, and getting the most out of performance appraisals. We offer a range of workshops tailored to your team’s needs.