Managing Performance

Managing employee performance is an opportunity to address issues that may be hindering the smooth running of your business or its potential for growth. Although performance management can be challenging, with the right tools it can be productive and rewarding.

Reaping the Rewards of Effective Performance Management

An equitable performance management process will:
  • Demonstrate your commitment to treating all employees fairly
  • Ensure that your business meets legislative requirements
  • Allow you to work productively with under-performing employees
  • Highlight consistent under-performance

The Benefits of a Strong Performance Improvement Plan

A structured performance improvement plan gives under-performing employees an opportunity to improve and contribute to business growth. In the unfortunate event that you need to exit an employee due to poor performance, you can rest assured that your business is fully compliant.

Our Performance Framework Solutions

Empowered HR can support you to implement a performance framework that includes the following elements based on your business needs:
  • Performance management policy and guidelines
  • Grievance and dispute resolution process
  • Performance improvement plan
  • Performance management templates for file notes, written warnings (first, final), and letter of termination

Management Training

To effectively implement and make the most of performance management tools, we offer specialised training workshops for your management team. Our practical advice and guidance, as well as best practice tips on managing performance, help to maximise business results.