HR On-Call and HR On-Site

Whatever the size of your business, specialised and senior HR assistance is invaluable to help you meet your compliance obligations and effectively manage your staff.

HR On-Call

Access high-quality HR expertise as and when you need it, with Empowered HR’s HR On-Call service.

The support and expertise of a qualified HR Manager is just a phone call away. You will feel comfortable resolving performance issues or implementing the latest award or legislative changes. No HR task is too small, and no problem will go unresolved.

How HR On-Call works

Access our HR On-Call service for an affordable hourly rate, or under a retainer arrangement across 3, 6 or 12 months.

HR On-Site

If your business is growing but you’re not ready for a full-time HR resource, our HR On-Site solution offers support on a regular basis to suit your needs.

Your on-site HR Manager provides an end-to-end service. Based either on your business premises or available virtually on a dedicated basis, HR On-Site takes charge of the day-to-day operational HR requirements of your business.

How HR On-Site works

HR On-Site can be scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. You can book from as little as one day per week; or scale up as your business grows and your HR needs increase.

A Tailored HR Solution

Depending on your business requirements, a combination of HR On-Site and HR On-Call services can be devised to ensure you get maximum benefit aligned to your needs. Our goal is to provide you with the most flexible, cost-effective risk management initiative for your business.