Employer Compliance

While most employers aim to do the right thing by their people, complex and overlapping employment laws can create confusion. This may result in unintended breaches of legislation.

Ensuring Compliance

A range of compulsory minimum employment standards apply to all Australian employers and employees. It is crucial to ensure your business is compliant with the National Employment Standards (NES), applicable awards and other employment legislation.

Our Compliance Solutions

Empowered HR offers a range of services that reduce your risk profile and give you peace of mind. We can:
  • Review your award coverage and share strategies to make it work for you
  • Ensure that your business is compliant with the Fair Work Act, NES and current legislation
  • Review the use of casual staff and contractors
  • Assess compliance with record keeping and pay slip obligations
  • Ensure employment contracts are current and relevant to your business and employees
  • Review wage rates and superannuation payments to ensure that underpayments are not an issue
  • Review your people management policies and procedures