Carolyn Mitchell specialises in implementing high impact people strategies and robust organisational development solutions. She is dedicated to helping businesses refine the foundations of their organisational culture and build frameworks for supportive environments where people can thrive.

Carolyn advocates for creating a workplace culture with ‘people at the centre’. Her advisory services, learning programs and workshops encourage staff to bring their whole selves to work, which in turn increases loyalty, innovation, engagement and productivity.

With a passion for the neuroscience of leadership and mindfulness, Carolyn finds it incredibly rewarding to help people feel more confident and capable at work. Her programs show people their potential and teach them to manage stress, while her role as a trusted partner for senior leaders enables them to deeply embed new behaviours and drive measurable business outcomes.

Carolyn has facilitated mindfulness programs in workplaces across a variety of industries since 2013. She has delivered impactful sessions for all-male blue-collar teams through to corporate senior leaders. She also runs regular mindfulness meditation sessions in organisations as part of their wellbeing programs.

By building partnerships with business leaders and cultivating empathy for their teams, Carolyn offers more than just transactional HR consulting services through Empowered HR. She is fully invested alongside the business and is driven to create long-lasting impact.
Carolyn holds qualifications in the Neuroscience of Leadership, Sociology and Behavioural Studies.

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