The superannuation guarantee (SG) amnesty is a one-off opportunity to correct past unpaid SG amounts. Employers have a six-month window until 7 September to disclose, lodge and pay unpaid SG amounts for their employees.

Employers can claim deductions and not incur administration charges or penalties during this amnesty.
It’s important that businesses act on this opportunity now to get your obligations up to date. If businesses choose not to come forward during the amnesty, the costs could be significant.

To remain eligible, businesses must declare and pay the SG shortfalls and interest charge and payments made during the amnesty can be claimed as tax deductions, and payment plans can also be arranged. Applications for the amnesty close at 11.59pm on 7 September 2020 and only payments made before 11.59pm on 7 September 2020 will be tax deductible.

How to apply for the amnesty
To apply for the amnesty, businesses must:

  • lodge one approved SG amnesty form for each quarter by 11.59pm on 7 September 2020;
  • check amounts are correct and there are no errors on the forms;
  • complete the declaration to confirm you are applying for the amnesty; and
  • save the form as an .xls file.

Once the form is received, the ATO will inform you which quarters are eligible for the amnesty.  SG shortfalls for any quarter between 1 July 1992 and 31 March 2018 may be eligible for the amnesty if they haven’t been disclosed previously, or aren’t subject to a current or previous audit.

Employers who have already disclosed unpaid SGC to the ATO between 24 May 2018 and 6 March 2020 don’t need to apply or lodge again.  To complete the required documentation visit the ATO website here.