What is a HR Audit?

A HR audit is a review of your current HR (or employment) practices against your legal obligations as an employer.  The Audit covers key employment obligations that are compulsory for all Australian employers such as compliance with :

  • Award and National Employment Standards;
  • rostering requirements;
  • employment contracts;
  • wage payments and payslip requirements;
  • employer superannuation contributions;
  • employment documentation and reporting;
  • employee privacy and data storage requirements;
  • risk management policies and procedures.

What are the benefits of a HR Audit?

The legal obligations placed on employers can be complex, and this Audit will ensure that your business is compliant and minimise your business risk.  An Audit also provides your business the opportunity to assess what is currently been done well and how things might be done differently, more efficiently, or at a reduced cost.

An Audit Report will be provided that includes practical tips for implementing effective business practices to enhance productivity together with recommendations for meeting your employer obligations and minimising risk.

You can use the information from the Audit Report to assist with:

  • Increased productivity: Ensuring what your employees do each day contributes to your organisational goals.
  • Increased accountability: Clarifying employees’ roles and responsibilities helps them perform to their full capability and add value to your business.
  • Increased engagement: Making expectations clear and providing consistent management practices, assessing whether employee benefits meet market expectations and supporting your role as a people leader.

Complete the Self-Audit Checklist for an overview of your business risk profile,  or Contact Us for a confidential discussion about your HR needs.

Our gift to you is peace of mind.