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Creating a successful hybrid workplace

Before 2020, workplaces were already embracing flexible working; but COVID-19 restrictions put that into over-drive. Technology caught up in some instances, people settled into new routines, and employers created new programs and processes to keep their teams connected, engaged and productive. The easing of restrictions means that we can now return to the workplace,

Tips for a successful Onboarding Program

The new year often comes with new opportunities and some organisations see a surge in new team members joining the business. New starters, team members and leaders all want new recruits to be productive and making a valuable contribution as early as possible. Preparing and planning for a new starter is a worthwhile investment

Modern Award changes will impact many businesses

The Background In 2019, as part of its four-yearly review of modern awards, the FWC proposed the inclusion of a series of model salary annualisation clauses for several modern awards (such as the Clerks – Private Sector Award and the Banking, Finance and Insurance Award) and this clause was incorporated into these Awards in December

Dare to make a difference

Carolyn recently joined a group of entrepreneurs and leaders to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged Cambodian youth with Sunrise Cambodia and Project Gen Z. This social impact trip to Cambodia was to educate, inspire and motivate young people to ‘Dare to Dream’. The ‘Dare to Dream’ program included workshops from the

Bullying & Harassment

We have received a few queries recently about the differences between harassment and bullying and the line between performance management and claims of bullying.  This appears to be a confusing point for many employers, so we thought it made for a good topic for this month. Harassment and bullying are often treated as the

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